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Intake Valve for Frequency Inverter Oil-injected Screw Compressor
2019-3-21 18:54:41


1、适用于变频喷油螺杆空气压缩机;Application: Frequency Inverter Oil-injected Screw Compressor

2、有停机主机吸气口压力控制放空和电磁阀控制放空两种方式供选择;Release Mode: Controlled by Air-end Suction Port Pressure at Shutdown or by Solenoid Valve

3、全系进气阀采用重锤式止回结构,压损小,在紧急停机的工况下,也不会喷油;Intake valve has hammer type check structure of low pressure loss to prevent oil injection through the compressor at shutdown.

4、独有的泄放流道方向,泄放时气流不会冲刷止回阀板;Unique discharge flow channel direction leads airflow not to wash check valve plate during discharging.

5、进气阀集成泄放阀、电磁阀(电控方式),安装方便、快捷。Integration of discharge valve and electric control solenoid valve makes the intake valve install easily and quickly.

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