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Intake Valve for Water Lubricating Screw Compressor
2016/10/26 10:37:27




1Application: Power Frequency and Frequency Inverter Water Lubricating Screw Compressor

2Without Check Function

3Its N/C type and will open in response to a control pressure signal.

4Stainless steel material of intake valve body and cylinder provides intake valve anti-oxidation and corrosion resisting protection.

5Optional stainless steel discharge valve is better.


Technic Data



Model SLF-40 SLF-65 SLF-90 SLF-120 SLF-160
Nominal Diameter(mm) 40 65 90 120 160
Max. Working Pressure(bar) 20
Working Medium Temperature(℃) -20~80
ON/OFF Control
Check Function
Inlet Direction Vertical
Material Stainless Steel, Brass and NBR 
Installation Dimension Attached Drawing


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