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Minimum Pressure Valve for Water Lubricating Screw Compressor
2016/10/26 10:34:05




1Application: Water Lubricating Screw Compressor

2Parts of minimum pressure valve such as valve body, valve core and so on hold the anticorrosion feature using stainless steel material.

3In the condition of no oil lubrication, minimum pressure valve can operate well and has a reliable sealing in dependence to self-lubricating sealing elements.

4Strengthened spring is not easily deformed and fatigued making minimum pressure valve a reliable opening pressure.


Technic Data



Model SMPV-20 SMPV-25 SMPV-32 SMPV-40 SMPV-50 SMPV-65 SMPV-80
Nominal Diameter(mm) 20 25 32 40 50 65 80
Opening Pressure(bar) 4.5(Optional 0.5~4.5)
Max. Working Pressure(bar) 16
Working Medium Temperature(℃) -20~80
Direction of Inlet and Outlet Right Angle Type
Material of Valve Body Stainless Steel
Installation Dimension Attached Drawing


Model Description



SMPV 25 K Y 3
Series Nominal Diameter Diamond Flange Both for Inlet and Outlet Y:With Pressure Sensor Connecting Port Blank: opening pressure at 4.5bar
        N:Without Pressure Sensor Connecting Port 3: opening pressure at 3bar

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