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Oil-return Check Valve for Air Compressor
2016/10/21 14:40:39



1Application: Oil-injected Screw Compressor

2It has a reliable sealing with fluororubber ball.

3It has check spring and can install not in a certain direction.

4It can meet demands of diverse nominal diameter.

5Oil sight glass of special plastic has feature of temperature, pressure and chemical resistance.


Technic Data



Model HY-1G HYD-1 HYS-1 HYS-1A HYS-1B HYS-1C
Nominal Diameter(mm) Optional 0.5~3
Medium Flow Invisible Visible
Max. Working Pressure(bar) 16
Working Medium Mineral OilSemi Synthetic Oil, Synthetic Oil and Compressed Air for Screw Compressor
Working Medium Temperature(℃) -20~120
Inlet Connection Type R1/4 Rp1/8 Rp1/8 Rp1/8 R1/4 R1/4
Outlet Connection Type Rp1/8 Rp1/8 Rp1/8 M12X1.5 M12X1.5 Rp1/8
Material Brass, Fluororubber and Stainless Steel
Installation Dimension Attached Drawing




Model Description


HYS 1 DN1.0
Series Connection Size of Inlet and Outlet Nominal Diameter
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