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How to wash car inlet valve system
Click:1884 Date:2016/1/13 15:23:34

   The most direct and effective way is to admission line completely apart, clean thoroughly.
In order to improve the efficiency, it is now also widely used cleaning method of free disassembly type, the engine running at the same time, the combustible detergent into the intake pipe road, can remove carbon to a certain extent. But because the admission line is longer, each place because temperature is different, so have different morphology and properties of carbon deposition, it is difficult to use a drug for a thorough cleaning.
   Attention, because the cleaner itself is easy to burn down the dangerous goods, and the operation when there are a lot of attention, if you use the incorrect products as well as counterfeit and shoddy products, or improper operation, easy to cause accident, serious can cause engine damage, fire, even so must be in the qualified service provider, use formal channels of product, to ensure the security and their own rights and interests of the engine.
3 m for the throttle valve, inlet pipe road, offers a variety of professional cleaning agent, in areas such as the turbocharger is on the premise of ensure safety maximize carbon to remove the air intake system, be sure to ask professional personage to construction.


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