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Minimum pressure valve screw air compressor
Click:1905 Date:2016/1/13 15:20:05
   Minimum pressure valve by valve body, valve core, springs, sealing ring, and other components of the adjusting screw, packed in oil separator exports, its role is to keep the oil separation tank pressure not to below 0.4 MPa, this can make the compressed air in the separator of oil better separation, reduce oil consumption. At the same time can guarantee the gas pressure needed for the oil pressure is established. Minimum pressure valve also has the role of the one-way valve, to prevent the reverse when stop the compressed air in the system. Minimum pressure valve pressure maintenance
   In has been adjusted when delivery from factory, such as due to the use time is too long, keep the pressure changes,
   Can be adjusted by the adjusting screw on the valve.
   Minimum pressure valve is located above the oil and gas separator exports, opening pressure is set to 045 mp Its function is:
   1 when starting to build oil needed for the circulation pressure, ensure the machine lubrication.
   2 when pressure exceeds 0.45 MP valve open, can reduce through the oil and gas separator of air flow rate, in addition to ensure that oil and gas separation effect, and can protect the oil and gas separation filter from damaged by pressure difference is too big
   3 prevent empty discharge pressure backflow when users

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