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Germany imported load reducing intake valve
Click:3414 Date:2016-1-13 15:16:38

   VMC has more than 20 years of rotary and reciprocating compressor valve design experience, VMC has become a compressor valve industry pioneer, its patents to drive the technological development of the industry, and promote widespread adoption of new technology of VMC. VMC's idea is traditional as the starting point of technology development and test on the road, to achieve innovative technology required by the market. VMC's research and development is based on the strict control, high standards of quality, the optimization of the time and cost, and most of the functionality and developed a variety of solutions. VMC r&d center with the user as the center, the combination of traditional and advanced technology as the source power. In order to obtain the final valve and its design, VMC developers on its design in the compressor system to conduct a comprehensive inspection.
   Our goal is not only meet the needs of today, and strive to seize the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow. Constant pursuit of excellence, forever inspire VMC become a leader of the innovation road, at the same time to the compressor industry continuously introduce efficient, reliable, compact and versatile complete compressor valve. VMC inlet valve has become a major preferred inlet regulator screw air compressor.
   The operation of the inlet valve for a long time, the action of repeated loading and unloading, and compressed gas in impurity contamination jams, each piston and seal in the valve body will inevitably have wear and VMC company focuses on providing the body of all kinds of maintenance packages, wearing parts, replacement parts can be easily and thoroughly solve the trouble back at home of valve failure, save the cost of the replacement of a complete set of valve, easy installation and maintenance at the same time, save the human.


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